Both while studying and not, obtaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle may seem difficult. Therefore, learning about how to achieve this and getting to know which benefits you get from taking care of your body, is important.

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This course, titled 'Animal Exploitation' deals with several topics concerning the mistreatment, abuse and neglect of animals. This course will be an interactive and will teach it's participants all about the dark side of human-animal interaction.

This course is called Emotional Attachment to Animals. It aims to explore all areas related to "Emotional Attachment to Animals" e.g.; teaching the group members the different types of emotional attachment in the relationships between human and animal, as well as the good and bad side of this fascinating factor of life.

As a veterinary student, we know that creating a consistent study routine is important. In this course, we will discuss the successful study tips that are working for us while studying veterinary medicine remotely.

In this course we are going to discuss about Environment Pollution, its types, causes, limitations, advantages and disadvantages and everything that is related to pollution. In 2015, Pollution killed 9 million people worldwide. So this topic is very important for the environment, earth and us.  

"The conservation of endangered animals" course covers the topics of specific species in need of protecting from human activity, how people and organisations have helped these various animals avoid extinction, the multiple histories and origins of these organisations such as the WWF as well as cover how the changes in environment due to climate change has affected these animal populations as a result of human meddling.